How to develop outline

A dissertation outline does not have a standard template that can be used straightaway to fit your tasks, schedule and priorities. Thus, you will need to develop a dissertation outline of your own or take a professional’s assistance in doing so. To start on with this task, you should first make a to-do list for activities to be performed. Then, you should create a sketch of your content to be added to each chapter of your dissertation.

While you create a to-do list, you should arrange your tasks in the order that you would want to complete them. You might also have some tasks that overlap others and that is okay. As about the content, you should exactly note down all your ideas that you would like to mention in a defined section. Thus, a dissertation outline is basically developed in a way that structures and presents your thoughts clearly.

You may plan your activities and content in two different ways according to your convenience. You may either plan it linearly or concept-wise. In linear planning, you may use headlines to define your chapters and add subsections and tasks in the order that you would do them. In contrast, concept mapping is arranging the tasks visually so you may make desired changes anytime.