A Guide To Help You With Dissertation Writing

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1It would really be an embarrassing moment for a research scholar to know that his or her submission failed to impress the university authorities, and has attained lower than expected marks or remarks.

Dissertation is a detailed text that needs to be written carefully. The final marks of the research or postgraduate degree program depend on it. Dissertation is an epitome of what a researcher has found in his or her research task. In the following droplets of the article, we would be discussing a few points that will help you start your dissertation with a positive hope to complete it and win the race from fellow researchers.

Choose An Attractive Topic – Topic or the title of your dissertation should be chosen astutely. Neither it should be too difficult nor should it be so simple. You should check if another research has been done on it or not. If the topic of your dissertation would be too simple (or stale), it would not be approved by the university. Additionally, it should not be difficult so that you eventually find it complicated to complete. Always choose a topic that you are comfortable with. You can visit your (subject’s) professor to choose a suitable topic from his list of topics.

Outline – Once your topic gets approved, you need to outline your dissertation. Outlining can be termed as planning your dissertation – the rough drafting. It will help you maintain the flow and pitch throughout your dissertation.

Referencing – When writing your dissertation, you should never forget to give citation and references. It will increase the reliability of your text, and also help you impress readers with your hard work. There are different genres of giving references and citations; you should follow only one style of putting references in your dissertation; it will also help increase the quality of your research paper.