Strategies for successful dissertation writing

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Writing a dissertation is a struggle for every graduate. But that doesn’t mean there are no practical solutions that can make dissertation writing a gratifying experience. To succeed without fail, the best option is to start writing as early as possible. Once you have nailed the dissertation topic, define a lucid and comprehensible thesis statement that encapsulates your research questions within the scope of your project.

Dissertation writing should be a regular process. Something that you do out of habit will see you through even during the hardest phase of your thesis career. So commit to a weekly dissertation writing schedule that will keep your momentum going and boost your confidence. The best idea is to be organized and set realistic goals, giving yourself some space for rest or relaxation. However, it is imperative that you give yourself a reserved time for dissertation writing. Imposing that kind of strict discipline and fending off distractions is important in getting some concrete work done. Additionally, don’t spread yourself too thin because of it that scenario you will unable to honor all those commitments, and in case you are able to do them all, your dissertation writing will most probably suffer. So strive to achieve a balance. And take heart that sometimes saying no to some extra responsibility is a good thing especially with regards to finishing up your dissertation on time.

Once you have sorted all the above factors it’s time to get down to the real thing, which is the actual act of writing of your dissertation. Writing clarifies your thinking. It helps to synthesize thoughts and organize new information in your own unique voice. So beat the procrastination and simply get down to writing. Maintain a continuous flow of writing as you move from one paragraph to another completing one chapter at a time. Set a writing speed for yourself and aim to finish writing a fixed number of words within a certain time window. At the end of writing reserve some time solely for editing. Criticizing your own writing can be harsh and can take on a toll on your writing flow. Hence complete to your dissertation writing and proceed on to editing.